datestampSep 28, 2009

.:new dresses:.

I have been saving this Amy Butler fabric for a couple of years, waiting for the right
project to inspire me to cut into it.


I used a vintage pattern from the 60's for the first dress and then made one to coordinate for my younger daughter in a more simple style.
I wish I had more time and creativity to do this more often. I know that they won't
be excited to wear my projects for much longer=)

datestampSep 5, 2009

::a "tiny" party::

Martha Stewart is a good woman.
I picked up one of her party kits at Michael's on clearance last year and had almost forgotten about it sitting in my basement gathering dust.
One of my daughters turned five last week so we pulled it out a few days before her party and I was so glad we did.
The theme was a "tiny" party which worked out great for my tiny girl and a few of her friends that were invited with tiny invitations.
When they first arrived, they had some tiny playtime with polly pockets and a dollhouse and colored pictures on tiny pieces of paper. Then they played a few tiny games like sardines and birdie, birdie, mouse (the tiny animals they thought of in lieu of ducks or a goose).
Then, they had a tiny lunch with tiny plates, cups, and forks. We served mini pizzas, tater tots, baby carrots, grapes, baby goldfish, stick pretzels, and mini marshmallows.
We finished things off with some tiny cupcakes, tiny party hats, and goodie boxes to send home.
She opened a few presents and then they all got on the bus together, headed for kindergarten. It was very simple, the girls had a great time, and there was minimal stress and clean up afterwards. I'm not sure if it was the lack of a character to plan around or the novelty of something different but I actually enjoyed the planning AND the execution of everything. And, that doesn't happen very often.

Thank you, Martha.