datestampJan 7, 2010

..:wedding attire:..

Last week, my brother-in-law tied the knot with his beautiful bride
at their lovely wedding in Phoenix. As the youngest of five, he has
the good fortune of being the "cool" uncle to 11.5 adoring
nieces and nephews.
I am not quite sure why I volunteered to take on the
daunting project of outfitting these wonderful
children. I think it had to do something with
the fact that black/white/periwinkle are nearly extinct hues
for youngsters during the winter months. Also, it
is quite difficult to find coordinating dress-wear
for the age range of 9 months up to 10 years old.
And, maybe I kind of wanted to take on the challenge.
I blame it on my independent, oldest child, Idahoan
nature that makes me do such things to myself.

Here is the whole motley crew, in what can only
be called a miracle shot, being that they are all
together and happy. Even if they are all looking
at different cameras.......
My niece, Abigail, was happy to strike a pose. She is
a natural in front of the camera, I found.

Here are the girls (minus one very hungry baby).
Please disregard my daughter's navy flower, I have some
color issues. Also, I thought it would be fun to mix
things up with two in skirts and the others in
dresses but after seeing them all together,
I think all dresses would have been the way to go.
I used a simple vintage A-line dress pattern, added a slight
mock-neck collar and some puffy sleeves, and some bias trim
for a contrasting hem.

And, the boys. I made their ties using this tutorial. It was my first time with ties
so they weren't perfect but I found the instructions easy
to follow and I will definitely try it again. My little
guy got a bow tie which was surprisingly easy, a good thing
since it was a 1 a.m.-night-before-leaving-project.

Now, I think I am going to send my beloved Bernina on a little
vacation. At least for a few months because I really
thought she was ready to blow at some point in

cupcake apron

I made this fun apron for a teacher at my kids' school.
Ric-rac just has the ability to make things a whole
lot better.

My New Years Resolution:
Use More Ric Rac. the (sewing) world turns....

Whew! It has been a while. Not for lack of projects, rather, for lack of any time to blog about them. It seems like once October starts, I need to strap myself down tightly in preparation for the wild ride of self-imposed creative stress that comes with the holidays falling right on top of each other until this moment. Now, as the new year begins, I am able to look back and wonder what all the fuss was about and dream of somehow getting an early start next time around.

Back at the beginning of October, a friend invited me to be a part of a local craft show. It sounded innocent enough at the time so I enthusiastically agreed. Fast forward to a couple of days before the show in December, and I was in an absolute panic. Where had all my time gone? I don't know, but there were a lot of aprons and girly head decor whipped up in a matter of hours.
The funny thing is, that after all the stress of wanting everything to be just right, the craft show was not well attended and only a few of my things actually went home with new owners. I was disappointed mostly in the hours I had wasted and the sleep that I missed out on. Luckily within a week, everything I had prepared was sold via word-of-mouth or given away as holiday gifts. I didn't even get a photo of everything but here is a smattering of apron-fun......


datestampJan 6, 2010

last minute Christmas wish fulfilled!

My daughter only had one item
on her Christmas list this year:
Her very own "workshop" 

I wasn't sure what she had in mind,
but I was determined not to add any more 
store-bought mammoth contraptions 
into our house.  I just managed to
get rid of my girls' beauty shop
and baby care center, and the kids
kitchen will be the next to go.  

I saw this card table playhouse idea
a couple of weeks before the big day,
and then skedaddled to get myself
some felt!

After being heavily inspired by this cute etsy shop, 
I sketched out my four walls and started cutting.

After reading through a bunch of tutorials, I think the best
advice was to finish each of the four walls separately
and then sew them all together at the end.

My goal was to make it fun and cute but
not so feminine that the little brother
couldn't hang out as well.

In the end, my daughter was so
excited and proceeded to drag
all of her other gifts inside to
open at her leisure.  

She spent most of the day in her
little "workshop" and even
dragged her blankets inside
for a campout that night.  I
put little tap lights under the table
which really boosted the fun factor.

Not bad for a gift under $30.  Luckily, 
felt (and 5 year olds) are very forgiving so the 
stress/time were pretty minimal.