datestampFeb 28, 2009

Aprons for Auction

PhotobucketI went out on a limb and made a couple of aprons for a fundraiser we are having for our baseball team.  I don't know why I have such a fear of "selling" my handmade items.  I even have an etsy shop that remains empty to this day.  I guess it comes from not having any formal training other than lessons from my mom or online tutorials/library books.  Maybe I just worry that they will fall apart or not last through the first washing.  Silly.  But, its something I need to get over if I want to keep creating.  I think my first ambition would be to just sell enough things to pay for my fabric addiction......especially because my friends and family are going to get sick of the same gifts for every holiday! 
I made a matching mother/daughter apron and included two rolling pins and Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook, "Deceptively Delicious".  It's funny because I wasn't too excited about this fabric while it has been on my shelf but I love how they turned out.  Now I am going to cross my fingers that someone actually bids on this at our auction!

datestampFeb 26, 2009

Cake pops

PhotobucketMy kids' favorite treat to take to school for their birthdays are these fun little cake pops.  This week we had a half-birthday at preschool to celebrate and we had enough left over to send in for a baby "sprinkle" for another teacher.  These treats are time consuming and messy BUT, so fun to make and look at when I am done.  I do have to say that they get easier each time and I have learned several tricks to make the process smoother.   

datestampFeb 15, 2009

Hoopin it up

PhotobucketAmid the craziness that is birthday planning, I decided that we couldn't very well have a basketball party without personalized jerseys to send home with each guest.  Due to the lack of tank top selection in early February, I ended up having to buy a couple 3 packs of Hanes tanks to get the job done.  These were not my finest work but they were fun to have hanging on the railing as the guests arrived.  They each had their own letter and we snapped a photo of each guest for my idea of turning their photo into a mini trading card to send with their thank you note (which may or may not ever happen)  These were a late night-before project with shockingly shoddy construction and most likely won't make it through more than one washing.  but they served their purpose!