datestampFeb 15, 2009

Hoopin it up

PhotobucketAmid the craziness that is birthday planning, I decided that we couldn't very well have a basketball party without personalized jerseys to send home with each guest.  Due to the lack of tank top selection in early February, I ended up having to buy a couple 3 packs of Hanes tanks to get the job done.  These were not my finest work but they were fun to have hanging on the railing as the guests arrived.  They each had their own letter and we snapped a photo of each guest for my idea of turning their photo into a mini trading card to send with their thank you note (which may or may not ever happen)  These were a late night-before project with shockingly shoddy construction and most likely won't make it through more than one washing.  but they served their purpose!  

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Brett & Amy said...

Soo cute! What a good mom.