datestampJan 6, 2010

last minute Christmas wish fulfilled!

My daughter only had one item
on her Christmas list this year:
Her very own "workshop" 

I wasn't sure what she had in mind,
but I was determined not to add any more 
store-bought mammoth contraptions 
into our house.  I just managed to
get rid of my girls' beauty shop
and baby care center, and the kids
kitchen will be the next to go.  

I saw this card table playhouse idea
a couple of weeks before the big day,
and then skedaddled to get myself
some felt!

After being heavily inspired by this cute etsy shop, 
I sketched out my four walls and started cutting.

After reading through a bunch of tutorials, I think the best
advice was to finish each of the four walls separately
and then sew them all together at the end.

My goal was to make it fun and cute but
not so feminine that the little brother
couldn't hang out as well.

In the end, my daughter was so
excited and proceeded to drag
all of her other gifts inside to
open at her leisure.  

She spent most of the day in her
little "workshop" and even
dragged her blankets inside
for a campout that night.  I
put little tap lights under the table
which really boosted the fun factor.

Not bad for a gift under $30.  Luckily, 
felt (and 5 year olds) are very forgiving so the 
stress/time were pretty minimal.  


Amy Eagleston said...

Okay. I am going to be calling you because I want to make one of these for Charlie for his birthday. I haven't figured out a theme for the house yet but I want to make one. He is super crazy about Lightening McQueen and anything cars so start thinking of ideas dear friend :)

La said...

what? you have four kids, run 1/2 marathons and do this???? Are you trying to make me look bad. Just kidding. :)
I love this. You did a fab job and now I am going to have to help Amy make one. :)