datestampMay 23, 2008

Eli's room

I love the colors in Eli's room.  This brown is addicting and has made it on the walls of my master bath as well.  I also love these letters I found on eBay with the brown stitching around the edges. 

And of course we had to incorporate baseball into the room but I am happy with the vintage Babe Ruth print I found.  I also saw this idea of displaying non-traditional items in glass apothecary jars at Pottery Barn and thought it looked pretty cool with the baseballs.  (We just happened to have a few lying around.)

  I had so much fun making these curtains and they make me smile whenever I go into his room.  I just cut out circles in different shapes and fabrics that went with his bedding and then ironed them on in a funky pattern.  Someday I will go back and put some stitching around each one when I have some extra time.  Right. ....... He will most likely be 5 when that happens.  

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