datestampOct 3, 2008

Yummy Fall Decor

Fall is my very favorite time of year.  I don't put up a ton of decorations for any holiday but these are my favorites and I love that they get to be up from September until the end of November.  

I love these white pumpkins.  I would love to just leave them up all year long.

My mantle still needs some work.


Brett & Amy said...

I love your fall decorations -they make me want to eat pumpkin bread and play football in the leaves. You do such a great job decorating rooms too. Does Jordan feel left out? Is he checking the blog daily for when his room is the feature? I can't wait to see your heavy metal model displaying your aprons.

ahe said...

I just came across your craft blog (late night stalking...I'm at it again) and I love it. You are so creative and I love the non-traditional objects in the apothecary jars. Very cute. I also love your master bath...Mine needs some work and you gave me some ideas! Thanks!