datestampJan 9, 2009

Teacher gifts

Back in the summer, I thought it would be lovely to give handmade gifts to my kids' teachers and to a few friends.  I'm not sure what happened over the next few months but there I was, the night before, churning out 10-12 aprons in record time.  Thanks to a good friend, I had an amazing book to get ideas from, A is for Apron.  Since time was of the essence, there was no patterns being used, no measuring, just lots of eyeballing, pressing, and guesstimating going on.   These are a few of the ones we gave away.  And I am not making another apron for a while!

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Brett & Amy said...

I love them all! I bet teachers will be fighting over who gets your kids next year. My favorite is the red and white one. It's so crisp and pepperminty.