datestampMay 18, 2009

sewing lessons

I have great memories of my mom patiently teaching me to sew.  We had a big family so I know that her time was very limited but I am so glad that I learned the basics of quilting, window treatments, embroidery, following a pattern, and sewing.  Aside from those skills, I think the most valuable thing I learned was to have a desire to create in my own way.  I find it very satisfying to see a project through from the vision inside my head, all the way to completion.  Most of the time, my finished product isn't exactly what I had pictured but I learn something new every time I try.  
My 7-year-old daughter has been begging me for her own sewing lessons lately and I have a hard time finding quiet moments to teach her.  I am not ready to let her have free reign over my precious Bernina so I have not been sure where to start.  A good friend suggested letting her draw a picture on some fabric and then putting it into a hoop to learn embroidery.  We tried it out yesterday and she was in heaven.  It kept her occupied for a long time and she has big plans for future designs.   I really want my girls to enjoy being creative and to develop an attitude of wanting to figure out how to do something on their own rather than just buying it off of the shelf.  (Even if it is cheaper and quicker to do so)

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Brett and Amy said...

Good reminder. I have to get Addie back on the sewing wagon.