datestampMay 14, 2013

a shared room

I started a little room re-do a few months ago for my two youngest who share a room.  This room used to be shared by my two girls and was done in yellows, pinks, and blues.  My older daughter decided she really wanted her own room and it was time to move my little guy out of his crib, so we decided to do a little room swapping.  It took me a while to decide on something that would work for both of them.  I was going to paint the room a more neutral coordinating color but my wise friend said, "leave it yellow! you don't want everything to match!"  She has never led me astray so yellow it stayed and I think it works just fine.  I have been getting catalogs from Serena and Lily for a while and really love their striped duvet covers for boys.  I drew heavy inspriation from their "Asher" collection.  
The duvets and pillows and just long strips of alternating brown and white cotton with some red piping around the edges.  I had the red/white stripe and tan polka dot fabric already and just made some simple pillowcases and shams with them.  I couldn't get a good photo of the windows but I just did a simple valance with the polka dot fabric and some brown bias tape along the bottom.  
These photos aren't the best, I am definitely not a good "stager" by any means but time doesn't exist for me to press everything perfectly!  The letters are from Hobby Lobby......they were originally gold and I just spray painted them red.  

The other side of the room is in progress and may be that way for a while until I can break away from other projects and finish in here.  At the moment, their dressers are being styled with Junie B Jones books and truck collections.


Chessa said...

Adorable! I love it. I wish I had your sense of clean stream-lined style.

Brett and Amy said...

Just commented and lost it. Seriously always seems to happen to me. Love, love, love the room. I'm so glad you posted pics. I love your little details (clock, balls, etc). I've loved the reprieve from creativity, but I'm getting excited about moving stateside and hacer-ing stuff again. You will have to be my wise friend in all my decorating dilemmas. Your wise friend was right. Don't think of the yellow walls as settling. I can't think of a better color -they add a playful touch to the fab room.