datestampMar 30, 2009

fun felt applique


I have been doing a lot of the fabric letter appliques and wanted to experiment with felt.  Some friends of mine (who are sisters) both had babies within a week of each other so these were a perfect little gift for them.  They have a "J" thing into the third generation.  After ironing them on, I thought they needed a little something extra so I hand-stitched around the letters with embroidery thread and I think they look a lot better.  Although, next time I think I would have done the hand-stitching before the adhesive because it was a pain sewing through all the layers. 

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amy16 said...

Sharese, thanks for the tips. I made my first full ensamble(?) this weekend. Look for future pictures. My friend visited your blog and said you gave the best advice.....Know when to quit.

I love your creative side. Keep it coming!