datestampJun 3, 2009

b is for bella

What is it about 1st graders and their teachers? My daugher, Emma, absolutely adores her teacher and hangs on every last word that she speaks. Her teacher has a 1 year old daughter named Bella and Emma has been begging me to make her something all year. Telling me that her teacher had "requested" certain things (me knowing that Emma had graciously offered my services on a daily basis). So, last night when I realized that it was the last opportunity to fulfill her wish, at 12:30 am no less, I pulled out my fabric and started thinking.
Luckily I had a spare white t-shirt and some big ideas.  What started out as a simple applique quickly turned into a three hour project with ruffle pants to complete her look.  Why is it that all the good ideas come in the twilight hours?  Anyhow, I snapped a few pictures this morning just to make sure that it all wasn't a dream, and then sent off a very happy 7-year-old girl to her last day of 1st grade.  It was a long night but I have to take advantage of this limited time I have before she doesn't think I'm cool anymore.  

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Brett and Amy said...

Totally copying the circled letter. Thanks for posting it. You know I can't think of a good idea on my own.