datestampJun 21, 2009

C {squared}

My neighbor has boy/girl twins who just turned one a couple of days ago.  I refer to them as C-squared:)  I have been wanting to do something like this for them for a while and their mom and I finally put our heads together and came up with these shirts.  I used a blanket stitch around the edges for a change because I am a bit tired of the zigzag stitch and fighting with puckering/tension issues.  I like how they turned out AND I get to watch and see how they hold up after going through the wash a few times.  


BA said...

I think these shirts are my favorite so far. I love the colors. I'm totally addicted to these appliqued letters.

Brett and Amy said...

The comment above was me, not Brett. You may be able to loosen up a little style wise here, but he's not to the "Oh, my goodness, I totally love appliqued tees", point. Though I'm sure he would love them in a manly, grunting, "ergh, cool", kind of way.