datestampJul 16, 2009

.::Bake Sale::.

My projects have been few and far between this summer, with the kids all at home and needing my complete attention.  So, I have to take the few opportunities I can find, and run with them.  My son's baseball team hosted a tournament this past weekend and as a fundraiser, a few of us crazy moms decided to host a bake sale.  And, really........can you have a bake sale without matching aprons for the help??  I didn't think so.  
Halle modeled for us while Amy (visiting from Spain!!) got her photo/crafty fix behind the camera.   Oh, the fun we would have and the time we would waste if she were here all the time.
Work it, girl.
The lovely ladies before the big sale, and the big rain, and the lack of customers.........
They made up for it by going mobile......and for good reason.  Could you resist these gals and a box of donuts??  


Brett and Amy said...

You are one good woman! So nice of you to make such darling aprons for the team sibs. Halle is such a cute model -so much personality. Yes, when I move back, I'll waste as much of your time as you'll let me.

Idaho Stoker Family said...

So cute... I am a wee bit worried though. Halle+bandaids= uh oh! What happened?