datestampApr 12, 2011

truck party

I am trying to be better at documenting......I haven't posted much on here in the last nine months.  Not because I haven't had projects going, but because I haven't been able to take the extra step of documenting.  But I am vowing to do better because it will be fun to have a visual history someday of all these little things.  What I wouldn't give for photos and thoughts from all my mom's projects from when I was growing up.  I can't count how many quilts, articles of clothing, pot holders, etc..  that she has done over the years.  And since my love of sewing/creating comes from her, it would be fun to see those things again.  

My little guy turned three last week and naturally we had to have a truck party!  He loves all things transportation but really favors garbage trucks.  Since we own just about every garbage truck on the market, we did a little combo party to branch out a bit.

Here is the invite:
I love the simple look and it was very easy.  I just used some clip art I found on etsy and played around with some different fonts.  I had them printed as 5x7s at Costco for around $3.  Easy!

 I didn't get any good pictures of the little guy, he hasn't been the most agreeable child since turning three and spent the night hitting his cousins with sticks and pouring lemonade on their dresses.  Just a precursor for the year to come, I'm afraid.

 We had a simple dinner....a must when there are 8 adults and 13 kids running amok.  The kids played outside and then came in for treats.  My friend gave me the idea of making a "dump" cake and the kids thought it was great.

 I found this dump truck at Target in their sand toy section, cleaned out the back really well, and then loaded in the "dirt".  It is just pieces of chocolate cake on the botom, a layer of chocolate pudding, and then oreo crumbs on top.  And, some gummy worms to add to the effect.
 After treats, we had fun playing Just Dance 2 on the Wii........not really part of the theme but good entertainment nonetheless.  I am not the best at planning party games and luckily it was a family party so no pressure!  These little dump trucks were sent home as party favors (also in the Target sand toy aisle).

Whew!  And, now I don't have to plan any birthdays until July.......

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Brett and Amy said...

You just keep getting more awesome. I love the happy colors and themed party. Your party favors were super cute. (you know I'm supposed to be organizing closets but you're not here to help so I'm procrastinating).