datestampAug 18, 2010

summer "sewing"

I usually tend to put a big hold on most creative endeavors over the summer.  There is just simply not enough time to keep four kids entertained and fed, the house clean (I am using that word very liberally), laundry done,  and surviving our busy sports schedule.  
I occasionally do make a few exceptions.

In this case, I was handed 20+ baseball jerseys with a pile of patches by my extremely generous husband.  By generous, I mean that he is "generous" with my time and talents, ha!  I am usually copied in on all the team emails he sends out but I must have mistakenly been left off the one where he told everyone to bring their jerseys to the next practice so that I could sew on the patches before our World Series.  Not that I minded, it just added to the hilarity of my to-do list on the day before we left for Puerto Rico, where the team was playing.  

 Funny, it actually felt good to sit down at the machine, after I managed to find it under the piles of fabric and other such nonsense that had piled up over the last few months.

And, even though it really didn't put my skills or brain to much work, I enjoyed the process of centering, pinning, and backstitching my way around each patch.  Such a nerd, I know.

My little guy even kept me company throughout the process.   

 So, there you have it......the extent of my sewing this summer.  Although, I just stumbled upon a new project that caught my eye, and my sister asked me to help with flower girl dresses for her upcoming wedding.  I can't wait!  More details to come....after school starts, of course.

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